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How did the idea to build up an ethnographic complex arise ?

Many people who visited the rose distillery wanted to watch the rose oil production, which is something unique for the country, and to learn some interesting facts about Rose Damascena and the rose oil. We had the required information and decided to share it as most of the sources are only for professionals.

Therefore we built up an old distillery, called "gulapana" which is arranged the same way as our ancestors did the installations for extracting rose oil more than 340 years ago. Our visitors can watch a demonstration of the rose oil production throughout the season and they will feel the spirit of the old tradition.
The guests can see the modern working distillery, near the old one. The new installation also works on the water-steam distillation method, but it is developed of larger and automated facilities.

Together with rose oil production, rose water is also being produced here. Rose water is produced at the end of the rose picking, when the quantity of rose blossoms reduces.

When your tour in the fragrant rose garden is finished, you can taste traditional rose rakia (brandy) and traditional Bulgarian dishes in the restaurant from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains. In our shop you can find essential oils and products appropriate for your aromatherapy.

summer season (from april to september) 9:00 / 19:30

winter season (from october to march) 9:00 / 17:00

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